I’m Mouhcine El Amine, and I’m an iOS software developer based in Milan, Italy.

How did I get here?!

I was born and grew up in Rabat, Morocco. I’m lucky my father owns a typography. Yes I once pulled a drawer for a Helvetica 15 pt font letters, and now I magically summon [UIFont fontWithName:@"HelveticaNeue" size:15.0];

As a kid, my life was full of technological controversy. I was fascinated by video games but didn’t own a console, while most of my friends did. I had a PC but none of my friends did, and I preferred to use the macs at my father’s work place. They all had the System 7 OS. My favourite feature at the time was the trash. I had lots of fun throwing random files and watching it get fat, empty it and watch it get slim again. I got grounded for that, several times…

My passion for computers and video games kept on growing and pushed my academic choices. I chose mathematics as a major in high school and took a bachelor’s degree in computer science with a minor in mathematics. Alongside, I studied English and then Italian. At the age of 23, I made the unconventional decision, for a software engineer wannabe, to move to Italy. I went to university there for software engineering but ended up without a degree.

In 2010, I started following the iPhone application development course by Stanford University on iTunes U. Build after build, I fell in love with the iOS SDK and decided to pursue a carreer in iOS software development. I landed my first job as an iOS developer at Becide, a small startup that unfortunately closed some months after I left. Now I work at subito.it, a company that has been leading the classified ads market in Italy for years.